What's REALLY Going On In Brazil: World Cup, Gay Cure and Protests.

Last week, I mentioned some of the terrible stuff that were going on here in Brazil, and yesterday, Kerli posted a gallery about the protests…
Clara Jun 21, 2013

Fashion Inspiration: Bangs!

If there's an easy way to get change your look it is changing your hair. But some of us get really really scared to get…
Clara Jun 20, 2013

Playlist Of The Week: Power to the People.

The last days are giving me a notion about the real world we live in. If you haven't seen in the papers yet, you'll probably see…
Clara Jun 14, 2013

Paying with Love: A Coffee Shop That Accepts Kisses as Payment!

Instead of posting some cute images about love or fashion tips or something like that, today I'm bringing some true love-motivating act. At Sydney, Australia, a…
Clara Jun 11, 2013
pastel flowers.pic

pastel flowers.

These flowers were floating into a bowl made of stone in front of a indian store. I saw them and I totally thought that I…
Clara Jun 11, 2013
San Cisco Covers Daft Punk's Get Lucky!vid

San Cisco Covers Daft Punk's "Get Lucky"!

There I was, facebooking, no big deal... When this video appears in my feed. I was like "so, let's listen to it, it probably sucks"…
Clara Jun 10, 2013

Jimmy Fallon Announces Kings of Leon's NEW ALBUM!

Friday night.You're all alone, getting ready to sleep, brushing your teeth.Trying to find something good on your facebook feed, when suddenly, a wild JIMMY FALLON…
Clara Jun 07, 2013

Playlist Of The Week #46: Songs to Chill Out.

Yeah! Playlist of the week is back, sweeties!Today is friday, everybody wants to sit back and relax a little bit, let the stress go out…
Clara Jun 07, 2013

Fashion Gallery: Creeper Boots

Since I first saw these boots, I knew I had to bought a pair. And that's exactly what I did! Creeper boots are the most…
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Clara Jun 06, 2013
Clara May 29, 2013

Best Things of May!

Yeah.  I know. I haven't blogged since February and I'm so sorry I simply dissapeared. Things have changed a lot on the last couple months; I'm doing…
Clara May 28, 2013
Clara May 28, 2013


Enjoying the last few days of summer vacation and getting ready for my first day at college (YAY! I think I didn't say to you…
Clara Feb 05, 2013

Fall Out Boy IS BACK!

Mondays usually sucks. We all know and agree with that. But today you are going to say "No way. BEST MONDAY EVER", cause you'll finally receive…
Clara Feb 04, 2013
Drops of gold.pic

Get The Look: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band!

I should be studying Math by now, but I'm addicted to How I Met Your Mother and to my father's "Yellow Submarine" DVD. I've watched…
Clara Oct 02, 2012
Can I hold you one last time?pic

Can I hold you one last time?

One of the photos I took of my friend this weekend. I guess it was my first serious photoshoot ever! I feel great.  (Flickr. )  
Clara Sep 24, 2012
The French Christ.pic

The French Christ.

There's a cool story behind this photo. I took it in 2010 when I was in Rio de Janeiro to see my nephew. You can…
Clara Sep 21, 2012

Playlist of the Week #45 - Covers!

Some covers are just as great as their original versions; others make our ears bleed. Covers are some of my favorite things to search on…
Clara Sep 16, 2012
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